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Unless stated otherwise, all products come with screws, carriage bolts and other hardware required for mounting, you just need to provide the tools and labour!
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GALV - Hot Dipped Galvanized - only exceeded by Stainless Steel for its ability to resist rust and corrosion.
BPPCG - Black Powder Coated over Hot Dipped Galvanized exceeds all other black powder coat treatments except black powder coat over stainless steel.
ItemSizeFinishShip WeightUnitUnit PriceQty.Order
S8254-342GALV2.00EACH$ 16.64
S8254-34PBPPCG2.00EACH$ 22.40
ItemSizeFinishShip WeightUnitUnit PriceQty.Order
S8800-0828"GALV2.00EACH$ 11.60
S8800-08P8"BPPCG2.00EACH$ 16.16
S8800-12212"GALV2.00EACH$ 12.80
S8800-12P12"BPPCG2.00EACH$ 17.92
S8800-16216"GALV3.00EACH$ 19.60
S8800-16P16"BPPCG3.00EACH$ 26.56
ItemSizeFinishShip WeightUnitUnit PriceQty.Order
S8317-00213"GALV3.00EACH$ 15.60
ItemSizeFinishShip WeightUnitUnit PriceQty.Order
S8255-342GALV3.00EACH$ 19.84
S8255-34PBPPCG3.00EACH$ 26.56
ItemSizeFinishShip WeightUnitUnit PriceQty.Order
S8256-342GALV2.00EACH$ 22.40
S8256-34PBPPCG2.00EACH$ 27.20
SFP-82566.5" GALV0.205 PACK$ 8.32
Gate Hanger on 4" Square Plate
Threaded Adjustable Pins
13" Field Gate Pin
ItemSizeFinishShip WeightUnitUnit PriceQty.Order
S8257-342GALV3.00EACH$ 19.52
Gate Hangers for Masonry & Stone
Pin to Screw, Eye to Screw
Threaded Adjustable Pins
13" Field Gate Pin
Pin to Screw
Eye to Screw
Pin & Eye to Screw Sets
Gate Hanger on 4" Sq Plate
Adjustable Gate Hanger on 4" Sq Plate
Adjustable Hinge Mount - 8" Threaded Pin
Available in 8", 12", 16" Lengths. 3/4" Pin
Square end prevents pin from rotating. Drill 3/4" hole in post, drive pin in and adjust to desired position by tightening the nut. Good for posts 6" 9" thick. Hot Dipped Galvanized only.
For use in new construction masonry. The arms are 12" long from the center of the pin and can be bent to conform to the masonry.
ItemSizeFinishShip WeightUnitUnit PriceQty.Order
S8308-0727"GALV2.00EACH$ 12.80
S8308-07P7"BPPCG2.00EACH$ 17.76
ItemSizeFinishShip WeightUnitUnit PriceQty.Order
S8309-0525"GALV1.00EACH$ 11.52
S8309-05P5"BPPCG1.00EACH$ 16.64
9" long, 3/4" Pin with 7" of threaded shaft. This not as strong as a the Threaded Adjustable Pin but is an alternative for lighter applications.
4 1/2" threaded shaft with 3/4" eye to be used with the 8308 Pin to Screw above.
Adjustable Gate Hanger on 4" Square Plate
By drilling a 1 1/2" deep hole, 1" diameter the pin can be adjusted back into the post and locked with the second nut.
Adjustable Hinge Mount with 8" Threaded Pin
The adjustable hinge mount is mounted on the face of the post and allows for lateral adjustment of the gate. Used with the Rear Eye double straps and single straps. Fasteners NOT included.
SFP8256 are 3/8" Carriage Bolts, 6 1/2" long with 3/8" nut and washer - 5 pack. If fastening with carriage bolts then they should be 1" longer than the post thickness.
Product Specifications
Product Specifications
Product Specifications
Product Specifications
Product Specifications
Product Specifications
Product Specifications
Product Specifications give precise measurements of the product.
ItemSizeFinishShip WeightUnitUnit PriceQty.Order
S8250-002GALV3.00EACH$ 26.56
S8250-00PBPPCG3.00EACH$ 34.88
Adjustable Bottom Eye Fitting
ItemSizeFinishShip WeightUnitUnit PriceQty.Order
S8251-0424"GALV2.00EACH$ 8.40
S8251-0626"GALV2.00EACH$ 10.40
S8251-0828"GALV2.00EACH$ 11.52
S8251-10210"GALV2.00EACH$ 12.48
Adjustable Gate Eyes
Adjustable Bottom Eye Fitting
Included with the Double Strap Central Eye Sets. Provides for easy adjustment, either up or down, of the Latch end of the gate. Comprised of two "U" brackets that encompass either side of the gate stile (3" thick) a 12" by 3/4" diameter heavy eye bolt and two nuts
3/4" Threaded shaft with 2 nuts and 2 washers. Eye size - 3/4" to fit the other 3/4" Gate Hangers. Available in 4", 6", 8" or 10" lengths (measured from the center of the eye to the end of the threaded shaft.
Hot Dipped Galvanized only.
Gate Hold Back Hook - 24"
ItemSizeFinishShip WeightUnitUnit PriceQty.Order
S4270-24224"GALV3.00EACH$ 19.84
S4270-24SP24"BPPCG3.00EACH$ 29.76
24" long, made of 1/2" diameter wire and is used as an easy way to hold doors & gates open.
Available in Hot Dipped Galvanized and Black Polyester Powder Coat over hot dipped Galvanized.
Gate Hold Back Hook
Adjustable Bottom  Eye Fitting
Adjustable Gate  Eyes
Gate Hold Back Hook
Adjustable Bottom  Eye Fitting
Adjustable Gate  Eyes
ItemSizeFinishShip WeightUnitUnit PriceQty.Order
S8310-4BSS4" -Pin 1/2"SS BLK1.00PAIR$ 22.00
S8310-4SC4" -Pin 1/2"SS1.00PAIR$ 22.00
NOTE: Each Set comprise 2 Hooks & 2 Eyes
Stainless Steel Threaded Hooks & Eyes (4" x 1/2") Sets
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